The romper is one of the pieces that is becoming a must have in our Summer wardrobe, and there's no wonder why it's so sexy and femenine! There are many types with a thousand prints, but the best of all is that most of them can be worn from day to night. Or even, the romper can turn into the key piece of your next important event - special dinners, weddings... Just pick the right accessories and you'll nail it.

El mono es una de esas piezas que se está convirtiendo en todo un must en el armario de verano, y no es de extrañar es tan femenino! Los hay de todo tipos y con mil y uno estampados, pero lo mejor es que la mayoría de ellos se pueden llevar tanto de día como de noche. O incluso el mono puede ser la prenda clave que te salvará en tu próxima ocasión estrella este verano -eventos de noche, bodas... Para ello, escoge los accesorios adecuados y lo bordarás.

Photos via TheStoneColdFox, SincerelyJules, PlanetBlue, GalmeetsGlam, Tash Oakley.
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What do you think? Will you be wearing one this Summer?
¿Qué pensáis? ¿Os lo pondréis estes verano?

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  1. I love how they are an outfit in one piece! Great inspiration here!

    And Marta, thank you for pointing me to that site with Triangl bikini replicas... I just ordered one for $25 and it looks pretty good, so we'll see when it arrives xo

    1. Woo woo! I hope it works out and also that Triangl doesnt found out! Im going to order one too soon. Which one did you get?

    2. I got the triangle-shaped tie bikini in the mint colour. It was between that one and the strapless zip one from the video... but I have a couple of strapless bikinis already.

    3. Great! I just got the strapless zip one (though I like both, it was actually hard to decide on one) and I can't wait to receive it. Hope I got the right sizing too, we'll see ;)