summer sales 14: the guide

Summer Sales are always a great opportunity to buy that special item you know will enhance your back of the wardrobe. High quality basics, shoes or bags, timeless or with a trendy vibe. But before getting into it, remember these quick tips:

1. Plan ahead: Better spend more into something you love, that buy many stuff you'll never wear.
2. Open-minded: It's ok to have a general idea of what you're looking for, but be open to new brands.
3. On time: If you see it buy it, or you'll risk missing your size or even the item itself.

Now, let's jump into my Summer 14 Sales Guide!

Las rebajas son una buenísima oportunidad para hacerte con piezas que pasen a formar parte de tu fondo de armario como básicos, calzado o bolsos, que a poder ser sean de buena calidad, atemporales o con un toque de tendencia.

Pero antes de lanzarte recuerda estos consejos:
1. Planifica: Mejor gastar más en algo que te encante, que comprar cosas que quizás al final no te acabes poniendo.
2. Mente abierta: Está bien tener una idea general de lo que quieres, pero no te cierres a descubrir otras marcas.
3. A tiempo: No lo dejes para última hora, o te arriesgas quedarte sin tu talla.

Y ahora sí, aquí va mi lista de rebajas 2014!


· Basic clothing like Jackets, jeans or T-shirts are always a must. Try to look for pieces with a twist, like the ones I have selected here. ·

city sales 2014

1. Iro Giana Textured Black Moto Jacket, 2. Maje Ficellage Top, 3. Zara T shirt, 4. Bimba & Lola T shirt, 5. Current / Elliott The Boyfriend Cropped mid-rise jeans, 6. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren T-shirt.


· Accessories will definitely give personality to your overall look, so now is the time to invest in a good one, but for less. And remember, "a little party fringe never hurt nobody". ·

sales bags 2014


· Look cool at the beach with a nice bikini. Now, it's a great time to invest in a quality one that you know will last you more than one Summer. Pair it with some smart pants to make you're look more interesting. ·

summer sales 2014

1. Shimmi Knox Lattice Trimmed Bikini or Here, 2. Zimmermann Keeper Underwired bandeau Bikini or Here, 3. Missoni Sfumato Crochet Knit Bandeau Bikini, 4. IRO Axano Silk Trimmed tweet Shorts or Here or Here, 5. IRO Seth Cotton Blend Bouclé Tweeted Shorts or Here, 6. Gat Rimon Milan Pants or Here, 7. Maje Eshmire Printed Crepe de Chine Pants or Here.


· These are one of my favorite pieces in the closet. From gladiators to Birkenstocks, you don't need to stick to just one style, because the Summer is long and wild. ·
sandal sales 2014

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  1. Qué buena selección de artículos y sobre todo que buenos consejos. Ya nos contarás que ha caido en tus rebajas Marta.
    ¡Feliz domingo!

    1. Me alegro de que te haya gustado el post, Sara! A ver qué caen en estas rebajas, sandalias seguro, que me hacen mucha falta ;) Feliz semana!