One key element of our look is definitely our hair. We can wear it a thousand ways, but what's the point if it doesn't look healthy? I'll tell you how it's mine: fine, long just past the shoulders and i have highlights two shades lighter than my natural color, just like Ariadne Artiles in the below picture. Yes, i have all the ingredients to have a fragile mane. After going thorugh several stages, i only can say that 4 things work for me:
1. Have a healthy and varied diet
2. Treat my hair with the right products
3. Not wash it everyday
4. Minimize to the max the use of blowdryer and flat iron

Una de las partes esenciales de nuestro look es el cabello. Lo podemos llevar de mil maneras pero si no partimos de un cabello sano, será complicado lucirlo como queremos. Os cuento como es mi cabello: fino, largo por debajo de los hombros y con mechas un par de tonos más claros al mío, tipo el que lleva Ariadne Artiles en la foto inferior (vamos, todos los ingredientes para tener un cabello frágil y quebradizo, ¿verdad?). Después de haber pasado por varias etapas, puedo decir que solo 4 cosas funcionan para mí: 
1. Llevar una dieta sana y variada
2. Lavarlo con los productos correctos
3. No lavarlo cada día
4. Minimizar al máximo el uso de secador y plancha

Photos via, Seams for a desire, Pinterest 


What can i say? This shampoo smells amazing, it's packed with beautiful ingredients and leaves my hair baby soft. Literally, like when i was a kid.
This is the perfect product to give your hair the last smooth kick just before you're going to brush your hair.
This is seriously the best hair mask on earth and a big plus is that it's not expensive.  I use it everytime on the shower and makes me feel likes it's hair spa everyday.
It's a great product if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Does it's job, smells good and it also helps in detangling your hair. What else?
I've been using it for these past years and it's the holy grail to maitain my healthy colored hair. It's sulfate free, which means it has no sodium laureth sulfate aka car's wash. We all can live with it, but i find that my hair feels better when i avoid this chemical (none of the products listed above contains it).
[After trying a lot of different stuff, this is what works for me]
[Después de probar muchos productos, esto es lo que a mí me funciona]

I'm always on the hunt for the best quality-price products, so if you have any tips or products that want to share, don't hesitate to do so!
Siempre estoy en la búsqueda de productos excepcionales relación calidad precio, así que si tienes algún consejo, ¡no dudes en contarlo!

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