There are jewelry that simply speaks for itself and the Danish brand Line & Jo is one of these. There are who say it's an elegant and sophisticated brand (maybe, because of the high price?). I would rather define the concept behind it as simplicity elevated to the highest level of creativity and almost brought from another planet. I know. That's how much i like them.

Hay joyas que hablan por sí solas, como las de la marca danesa Line & Jo. Hay quienes hablan de sus colecciones como elegantes y sofisticadas (quizás, por el precio?). Yo más bien definiría su concepto como sencillez elevada a la máxima potencia de la creatividad y casi venidas de otro planeta. Se nota que me encantan, ¿verdad?

Did you know about Line & Jo? Do you like this brand?
¿Conocíais la marca? ¿Os gusta Line & Jo?

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  1. super beautiful selection of jewellery pieces! I'm definitely going to check out the store now!

    Check out my outfit post featuring Breaking Rocks Clothing :)
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  2. Never heard of this brand Marta - so beautiful!

    So how high are these prices...?

  3. so i'm in love with this jewelry line now...glad i ran across your blog!