My quick guide for L.A : DOS

As a European, one of the things i like to do while in the US is to get products that we normally find it difficult to buy in our country of origin or simply jump into products that make them more accessible due to the currency exchange. In any case, if you decide to fly to LA, there are infinite malls where you can get anything you're looking for, like South Coast Plaza one hour away from the downtown. I would personally recommend you to check out The Grove which is an outdoor shopping area with a Topshop store included. Also, the 3rd Promenade in Santa Monica, is the best street to shop without hassle.

Como europea, una de las cosas que más me gusta es aprovechar los viajes a Estados Unidos para hacerme con productos que normalmente no solemos encontrar tan fácilmente en nuestro país de orígen o sencillamente lanzarme a probar productos que por su precio en dólares los hacen mucho más accesibles. En cualquier caso, si decidís viajar a Los Angeles, hay infinidad de centros comerciales donde haceros con todo lo que queráis y más, como el de South Coast Plaza a una hora del centro. Personalmente, os recomiendo The Grove, un centro comercial al aire libre que viene con Topshop incluído o en Santa Monica, el 3rd Promenade, una de las mejores calles para hacer shopping a tus aires y sin agobios.

Another interesting shopping area is the one in Abbot Kinney Boulevard. You'll find the trendiest shops with products of more independent Californian brands: jewelry, clothing, art, decoration, books... the perfect occasion to get that souvenir you won't find anywhere else. Shops not to be missed: Firefly, Principessa, Kolu or Toms.

Otra zona interesante para comprar es la de Abbot Kinney. Ahí encontraréis infinidad de tiendas trendy con productos de marcas californianas más independientes: bisutería, ropa, arte, decoración, libros... la ocasión perfecta para hacerte con ese recuerdo que no encontrarás en ningún otro sitio. Tiendas que no os podéis perder: Firefly, Principessa, Kolu o Toms.

One of my favortite brands of the Californian coast is Cleobella. You can find it at Principessa together with brands like Mara Hoffman, L*Space and Chaser.

Una de mis marcas de complementos preferidas de la costa californiana es Cleobella, que juntos con Mara Hoffman, L*Space y Chaser también podéis encontrar en Principessa.

Los Angeles Shopping
1. Brandy Melville Everything - there's a huge store at Santa Monica's 3rd Promenade
2. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey - available at Sephora and my absolute favorite product for lips!
3. Victoria's Secret Bras - the best ever made bras
4. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze - available at Sephora and makes the most beautiful highlighter
5. Aveda Volumizing Tonic - perfect for fine hair like mine
6. White Citrus Body Cream from Bath & Body works - if you like fresh you'll love this
7. Bb. Texture Cream - If you want beachy hair, get your hands into it. now.
8. Coconut leaves candle from Bath & Body Works is just the perfect scent for Summer
9. Toms shoes -  Comfortable and trendy and you have a huge store right in Abbot Kinney

In LA you can find a wide a range of brands and shops. I hope this guide is of help in your next trip to the golden state!

En LA podéis encontrar infinidad de marcas y tiendas a buen precio. Espero que esta guía os sirva en vuestro próximo viaje A California, el estado dorado!

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  1. Is this what you bought or just your recommendations Marta?

    Love VS too - we have it here but it is so expensive, like twice the price as in the UAE. Sickening.

  2. Thelma, this is what i bought, except for Toms shoes. I thought it's something i'd wear around California but no so much in my city (too laid back for bcn?) If i had to choose just one of these products that would be the Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment... i love it!

  3. I'm in love with Brandy Melville!!
    thanks for your info Marta...
    some kisses desde somepleasures!!