This shade of green is one of my favorites. It actually looks kind of neutral, but it has an interesting and different touch to it, unlike the classical black, white or grey. Even though it's still a green color,  it's as elegant as simple. So girls, i think i'm going to wear this shade until September comes.

Esta tonalidad de verde es de mis preferidas. Con un aire neutro pero con toque interesante y diferente que lo distancia de los clásicos, negro, blanco o gris. Y aún sin dejar de ser verde, es elegante a la par que sencillo. Así que chicas,  me quedo con esta tonalidad hasta septiembre.

Green simplicity

What do you think about khaki? Will you be wearing it?
¿Qué os parece esta tonalidad?

3 comentarios :

  1. I love that green too! I think it looks great on 95% of skin tones. Paired with a good tan, it's a pretty hot color :)

  2. inpsiring.... love them all

  3. Khaki and gold together - love that!