It's SHORT Time!

Con la gran ola de calor que está afectando a toda la península, no apetece nada más que ponerse ropa fresquita. Así que chicas no esperéis, es hora de sacar a relucir ¡vuestros mejores shorts!

With such hot temperatures, we can't help but put on some cool clothes. So girls, it's time to put on your best shorts!

Cuando las temperaturas suben de verdad, ¿qué ropa os gusta llevar?
When temperatures are raising up, what do you prefer to wear?

4 comentarios :

  1. Great post Marta- I love the peach ones and the ones in the fourth pic down. I've yet to find the perfect, perfect pair like those!

  2. My favorite pair of cut-offs finally fell apart recently - so I'm on the hunt for a perfect pair just like the ones in the fifth pic - in fact I'd like that whole outfit:)

  3. Hey Marta! Its Nadia or nbenaouda6 from a while back :) i just wanted to ask if there is anywhere in Barcelona where i can find cute high waisted shorts like the ones featured in this post??? I know its not exactly short season right now but i left all my high waisted shorts back home in the states and I would love to have at least one pair with me out here :) thanks xoxo!