Turquoise Energy

"TURQUOISE is the color of communication, self awareness and initiative. Turquoise has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought. The color of Turquoise will make you feel happy and relaxed, for it combines the light blue of the sky with the invigorating green of the seas. A gaze into Caribbean waters will affirm this. This blue relax and refresh the body and mind. It encourages us to get out in the fresh air, sunshine, and water."


{cool, REFRESHING , imaginative, MOTIVATED, dynamic, renewal, calmness, PEACEFUL, TRUTHFULNESS, JOYFUL, relaxed, healing, tranquility, forgiveness, patience, CREATIVITY, sleep, dream work, inventions, innovation, originality, RENEWAL, brotherhood, peace, HUMANISM, emotion, prosperity, growth, PURITY, AWARENESS, meditation, LOVE, HEALING, generosity, communication, INTUITION, individual responsibility, self reliance, independence}

Photos: Tumbler, Ariadne Artiles blog, Sports Illustrated

"Turquoise recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise, whether on a wall or clothing and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again..."

I guess these are enough reasons to incorporate this color into your life..
Do you like the turquoise energy?
¿Os gusta la energía que transmite el color turquesa?

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  1. Me encanta, de hecho tengo unas ganas enormes de algo en turquesa. La falda combinada con la blusa blanca me ha dejado perdidamente enamorada.