It's not a theory

It's a fact... That all these pieces and looks are of great inspiration! The 2012 collection of Theyskens's Theory features perfect tailored jackets, the pair of jeans or shorts that you would never want to take off and some IT knitwear.
Say hello to tough chic! :)

No es teoría, es un hecho que todas estas piezas y looks son una gran inspiración! La colección 2012 de Theyskens' Theory nos muestra chaquetas de corte perfecto, jeans y shorts que no nos quitaríamos nunca y jerseys de punto de lo más IT. El look chic para las chicas duras ya está aquí! :)

Theyskens' Theory 2012

Any tough chic girls out there? What's your favorite piece to toughen up a look?
¿Qué pieza preferís para completar vuestro "Tough chic" look?

4 comentarios :

  1. Love these looks!

    I love adding blazers to girly pieces to tone them down.

  2. Yo escogería unas cuantas de esas piezas. Los jeans o pantalones plateados me han dejado estupefacta, son perfectos!

  3. Wow, love these pieces. And I normally don't even like shorts. Theory does cuts and fabrics like no other.

    I love adding leather, menswear, or grommeted details to lend some edge to my more girly pieces. Love the juxtaposition of the two.

  4. i love the blog *